MSP Sigma Xi Participants


Four MSP students received awards at the 2017 Sigma Xi conference in Raleigh, NC. Two of them conducted their research at UCI and the other two conducted their research during the summer at UCSF and Dartmouth College. All of them are UCI undergraduates.

The following list includes the name of the MSP student that received the award (first author of the poster), the name of co-authors and principal investigator (last author), research title and category of the award:


Lynnette Jackson

  • Lynnette Jackson, Nicholas Chim and John Chaput (PI).  Research Title:  Structural insights into a DNA polymerase with non-natural reverse-transcriptase activity. Poster category:  Cell Biology and Biochemistry.


Michelle Kalu

  • Michelle Kalu, Kathy Lam and Peter Turnbaugh (PI from University of California, San Francisco).  Research Title:  Bacterial viruses: a promising tool for gut microbiome editing. Poster category:  Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

Nicholas Ramirez

  • Nicholas Ramirez, Hannah Opalko and James Moseley (PI from Dartmouth College).  Research Title:  Using chemical genetics and protein localization to understand signaling pathways in eukaryotic cells.  Poster category:  Cell Biology and Biochemistry.

Carlos Vasquez

  • Carlos Vasquez, Mark Richardson and Gregory Weiss (PI).  Research Title:  Purification, structure determination and characterization of the coupling reagent boc-oxyma.  Poster category:  Chemistry.
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