Sigma Xi 2019 winners!

(From left to right) Mario Rodriguez, Sarah Najera, Alexis Guerra, Melissa Emami

Two MSP students received awards at the 2019 Sigma Xi conference in Madison, Wisconsin. One of them conducted their research at UCIand the other conducted their research during the summer at UCSF. All of them are UC Irvine undergraduates.

The following list includes the name of the MSP student that received the award (first author of the poster), the name of co-authors and principal investigator (last author), research title and category of the award:

Mario Rodriguez, Erin Thompson, James Fraser (UCSF). Understanding How Human Deleterious Mutations Are Tolerated in Other Species. Poster Category: Cell Biology

Melissa Leila Emami, Dr. Guillaume Roussel, Dr. Gérald Coulis, Dr. Armando Villalta. The creation of DNA constructs to express dystrophin peptides. Poster Category: Physiology and Microbiology.